Scratch & Track Maps Are Like A Lottery Everyone Wins

The new Scratch & Track map concept from Yuree S. Lim is designed to give travelers a way to not only find their destination but remember just what they did when they got there- and then take it home as a souvenir!

Lim's concept works off of the notion that we all love to scratch things. Scratch lottery tickets are big business and are a popular gift at birthdays and Christmas and despite the fact that we all know better - the odds are not in our favor - we gleefully scratch along, hoping that somehow, someday we'll win and yet still enjoying the fun of revealing just what's underneath their scratchy surface. Knowing our love of scratching, Lim has created the Scratch & Track map concept, a way to get around on your travels and enjoy just where you've been with a ready-made souvenir.

It works like this - a user would get a laminated print of a detailed map and the Scratch & Track would allow for the printing of a duplicate map on a sheet of special "scratch paper" that could then be laid directly on top of the original map. As a traveler visited destinations they could scratch off their route and eventual stopping points with a coin just as if they were playing the lotto and could make notes with a pen or pencil on the now-revealed surface. The laminated map underneath would allow travelers to still see the entirety of the route they'd taken without parts of it disappearing as they scratched their way along.

Scratch & Track: the probability of an awesome trip is almost 100%.Scratch & Track: the probability of an awesome trip is almost 100%. 

The best part? Once a user was done with the scratch map it could be easily removed and kept as a memento of a great trip. The Scratch & Track is intended to fold up just as a regular map would and provide all of the usual benefits, just with one extra addition - the ability to get your scratch on.

In a world where the digital is replacing the actual, the Scratch & Track might be out of its depth, but we could certainly see a niche market for this product.

It could be a real winner.

Source: Yanko