Screw Fridge Magnets Drive Home Your Memos & Messages

Magnet Screws from Japan's Design Development Laboratory might surprise anyone spying them on your shiny new Sub-Zero refrigerator, especially whomever paid for the appliance.

Shock quickly turns to smiles, however, when close examination reveals what appear to be distressed, domed, Phillips-drive screws sticking out of your fridge door are merely magnets. As if anyone would fasten paper memos, kid's drawings, overdue bills and the like to a refrigerator door by screwing them in... that would be like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer, amiright?

Then again, most any parent knows that most anything is possible when kids are around. Thanks, Design Development Laboratory, for giving bored children some new and exciting (and expensive) ideas.

Magnet Screws come three to a package and they feature graduated shaft lengths so as to refine the visual effect of screws having been driven into your fridge door. Each package is priced at $12 and they can be ordered online direct from White Rabbit Express. (Editor's Note: These do not seem to be available in the U.S. It should be pretty simple DIY project to take some short screws and hot glue some of these magnets to them to make your own screw magnets.)