Scuba Meets Jet Ski In The Scubacraft

I've been so busy recapping new gear that I saw at the Outdoor Retailer show a few weeks ago, I almost missed this Scubacraft. Something this awesome just refuses to be missed, though.


The Scubacraft SC3 looks a lot like an underwater Jet Ski submersible. Or, perhaps you could think of it as an open-top submarine.

However you frame it, it's the stuff of little boys' dreams. The vessel features a 250-hp engine and electronic thrusters that can fire you up to 100 feet below the water's surface and navigate you through the depths undetected by everything except radar. Back up top, the craft doubles as a boat with up to 50 mph of speed. 

The Scubacraft holds a driver and up to two lucky passengers, each of which has to be certified for scuba and outfitted in all the right gear. In addition to its clear transportational advantages, I'd imagine it's just a tad more intimidating to sharks and other creatures of the sea than a juicy human body.

When you're searching for lost treasure, you'll cover a lot more ground with a scubarine than you will with your average flippers. Of course, you better hope you find that treasure. As terms like "open-top submarine" should indicate, the Scubacraft is no $10,000 jet ski. The buy-in for fast, seamless underwater navigation is a hefty $120,000. But if you have that kind of spare scratch, I can't imagine many things that could possibly be more fun. Just check out the video and believe.


For those that prefer a larger underwater entourage, Scubacraft is also working on a 6-person model. More info? Please.

If the price tag for this wonder is a bit steep, start saving your pennies for the amazing Orb Helmet that eliminates the use of bulky scuba equipment.

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Aug 25, 2010
by Anonymous

Markets for use

Search Rescue
Marine research, shallow depths
Mini Sub Rescue
Movie & TV Camera boat?
Marine surveys,.
Bouy service.
Inspect ships hulls?
All from 1 craft.
Locales for use:
Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, Australia, Java, PNG, Phillpines, Japan.
Maldives, India.