Scubus S: Underwater Communications, Video Recording And HUD In A Diving Mask

Scubus SScubus S

Designed to make diving safer and more entertaining, the Scubus S integrates underwater communication, video recording and heads-up display into a diving mask. With the Scubus S you can communicate with your fellow divers while recording the memories. 

Designer Noah Smith is an avid scuba diver and wanted a more effective, clearer means to communicate with other divers. The protocol now is to use a set of hand gestures, but these can be easily forgotten, misinterpreted or missed entirely. Enter the Scubus S. 

Scubus S FeaturesScubus S Features

Communicating underwater is challenging. Bluetooth and other wireless technologies aren't effective underwater, so the Scubus S utilizes acoustic wave communication. Acoustic waves actually move better underwater than they do on the surface, and submarines have been using this technology for years. 

The acoustic wave technology is incorporated in the Scubus S's wearable joystick. This is be the device through which divers communicate. There's no free form texting with this joystick, but there are about 20 pre-typed messages stored in the device. So you can text your fellow divers messages ranging from "Emergency! Help Me Now!" to "Take a picture of me." These messages will then appear on the other divers' heads-up display (HUD). 

Scubus S With WatchScubus S With Watch

The HUD on the Scubus S will give you a bunch of digital information, like time, how long you've been underwater, your depth, the current water temperature and whether or not the camera is recording. The camera is an HD actioncam, capable of recording 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. The lens captures still images at 12 megapixles and offers a 135 degree angle of view. 

The Scubus S is, at the moment, in the conceptual phase of design. Designer Noah Smith plans on launching an Indiegogo campaign on November 10, so you'll have to wait a few months just to pre-order the Scubus S. However, if you're looking for a safer way to dive, while having the ability to take pictures and record the action, the Scubus S may be worth the wait. 

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