Scythe based Mustang Bows at SEMA

Not too long ago, we brought you the story of a specialty vehicle, dubbed the "Project B" Mustang. A completely redesigned body and drivetrain were the main changes, with dozens of others surely hiding underneath the new exterior. As expected this one-of Mustang showed up at SEMA and got quite a bit of attention.

The real name for this work of automotive art is the Scythe, and the inspiration was actually born from a similarly designed Hot Wheels car. As you can clearly see, saying it is based on the Mustang GT is a stretch, but believe it or not that is what donated many of the components.

Power for the Scythe does not come from the stock 4.6 liter. For that, the engineers at Galpin Auto Sports brought out a 5.0, outfitted with pair of Magnuson Superchargers before being installed. Total power output has been rated to 1,005 at the wheels.

Also included with the Scythe is a XPC computer that is voice activated and controls most of the functions inside the car. The computer has the ability to connect to the 3G network and can provide up to date traffic information, news and weather updates.

It will also be in charge of an array of security cameras that offer the driver and almost 360 degree view around the car.

My only real question is if I can get it in any color but purple.