The Seabreacher Is Quite Possibly The Most Exciting Water Vessel You'll Ever See


How would you like to ride in a water vessel that looks like a shark or killer whale? What if that vessel could cruise on the water and also beneath it? Throw in the ability to jump out of the water and do some stunts and you have the Seabreacher--quite possibly the most exciting water vessel you'll ever see.

Check out the Seabreacher in action in the video below:

The most unique quality of the Seabreacher is its ability to dive underwater. This water vessel can dive up to five feet below the surface for brief periods of time. However, they generally go just a few feet below to keep the snorkel above water. There is a new optional detachable snorkel, which can add an additional three to four feet to the Seabreacher's dive. 

If you're wondering, you can dive to deep in the Seabreacher. The Seabreacher is positively buoyant and needs speed to dive. When you dive too deep, the engine loses power, and the vessel will pop out of the water. If you try to dive too deep too fast, you could pop out of the water rear end first. 

Of course, your goal may be to jump the Seabreacher out of the water. This exciting vessel can do just that, without diving too deep. It can dive, jump, roll and porpoise. And your ride can be as tame or as exciting as you want. 

Seabreachers On The WaterSeabreachers On The Water

While you can dive too deep, you won't sink in the Seabreacher. Even if the cockpit and engine are fully flooded, the hull is constructed with enough buoyant material that it will remain above the surface of the water. However, if you need to escape the vessel, there are emergency pull pins, so the hatch can always be opened.

The Seabreacher also flies on the water (not literally, but it goes fast). The 'J' model can reach speeds of 35 knots on the water and 17 knots underwater. The 'X' model is capable of 47 knots on the water and 22 knots underwater. 

This watercraft is fairly easy to learn to use, and you can own one'll just have to fork out upwards of 80 grand. Right now, there is no place to rent the Seabreacher, so buying is the only option. You can find out how to do that and get more information on the Seabreacher on the Seabreacher website