Seal, Sierra Club and Facebook Marketplace Sell For A Cause

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What do Grammy-award winning artist Seal, the Sierra Club and the Facebook Market Place have in common? The Sale For a Cause tab where Facebook members can sell items and then donate the money they receive to the Sierra Club Foundation. It is an easy way to raise money for an environmental cause.

Posting is simple too. If you have ever used Craigslist or given something away on Freecycle the Facebook Marketplace is similar to these two sites, except neither of these two sites offer the option of donating the proceeds to a cause as the Facebook marketplace site does. Also neither Craigslist nor Freecycle have Seal and other celebrities in collaboration with them like the Facebook Marketplace does.

In fact if you like Seal's music, this Thursday, the 12th of March, he will be selling five autographed CDs to benefit the Sierra Club Foundation. So yes, you can buy as well as sell on the Marketplace. According to the Sierra Club if "every Facebook member sold just one item for $10, more than $1 billion would be raised". That is a lot of green for a green cause.

This is how the Marketplace works: first post your item for sale on the Facebook Marketplace. To do so, select one of the tabs (Sell It, Sell For a Cause, Give It Away, and Ask For It). In this case it would be the one that reads, Sell For a Cause, but note that you do have other options. From there you select what cause you want to donate to. In this case it would be Sierra Club Foundations. Continue by describing the item you are selling, how much you are selling it for, etc.... Then you can choose to promote your item with a Facebook ad.

When someone responds to your posting Facebook suggests in the QandA that you meet in person and exchange the item for the money. Once you collect the money go back to the Market place click on your listings and mark it as closed. Facebook will then redirect you to a secure page where you can make a donation to your chosen charity using your credit card. Yes, your donation is tax deductible.

It is that simple. The Sale For a Cause tab is a simple and great way to help raise critical funds for the Sierra Club Foundation or the cause you choose. At the same time it helps reduce waste and promotes recycling. The listings are free of charge, but you do have to be a Facebook member to post or respond. This is also free of charge.

If you have any questions post them on the discussion page or at the Facebook Market site. You can also visit the Q and A here. What do you think of this green idea for this green foundation? Will it make it easier for you to support environmental causes like the Sierra Club? Will it really help raise money for the Sierra Club?

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