Search For The Perfect Bike: Arvak Bicyle

What would the "perfect bicycle" look like? Would it maybe look like the Arvak Bicycle--elegant and simple, minimalist, yet eye-catching? A designer and a wood craftsman teamed up to create a company on a quest for the "perfect bicycle," and it led to the creation of the Arvak Bicycle.

Arvak BicycleArvak Bicycle


Designer Paul Guerin and woods craftsman Till Breitfuss teamed up to create Keim, and under that banner, they created the Arvak Bicycle. Keim manufactures bicycles from ash wood. The company is dedicated to the optimization of the manufacturing process.

The Arvak Bicycle is their first endeavor. However, Keim's goal is to comtinue to put out new models made of ash wood. They consistently colloborate with cyclists passionate about their trade, to ensure their bicycles are made for bicycle people. 

Riding Arvak BicycleRiding Arvak Bicycle

Ash Wood

Ash wood is hard, dense, very strong, elastic and resillient. It is used to make tool handles, bows, guitar bodies and baseball bats. Guerin and Breitfuss believe its rigidity and lightness is perfect for a streamlined, sleek and stron bike frame. 

The Arvak's frame is lightweight--it is completely hollow. The ash is actually a composite of 24 layers of vacuum bonded white ash. It is laminated with a biological, epoxy resin for added strength as well as weather resistance. 

Beautiful Ash WoodBeautiful Ash Wood


In their quest for the "perfect bicycle," Buerin and Breitfuss decided on simplicity as their model. The Arvak is streamlined and sleek, yet its simple five-sided ash frame is eye-catching. The black handlebars, seat, front fork, gear and wheels contrast with the natural lightness of the ash give the bike its head-turning look.

Sleek DesignSleek Design

Keim will only manufacture 20 Arvak Bicycles. Not only will these bikes be an artistic statement of the simplicity of the bicycle, they will be equipped with high-quality technical components. You can visit The Arsenale to pre-order one. And I'll wish you luck in that endeavor. The site is in French, so I'll leave you to decipher it. 

Arvak's SpokesArvak's Spokes

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