Seatbelt Buckle Keychain Holder Keeps Keys Safe

The Buckle Up Key Holder may be the first consumer product to apply safe and secure seatbelt design tech to some purpose other than keeping your bod alive.

The holder, which looks to all appearances like the business end of a car seatbelt's clasp & buckle, mounts to any indoor wall with included screws. Mount the main part of the device (the part with the red pushbutton) facing downwards, then add your keys to the ring attached to the other half.

Ready to hang up your keys for the night? Simply insert the metal tab into the buckle until you hear that familiar "clock-snap" sound. On your way out? Push the red button and your keychain - and you - are good to go!

Though mainly just a novelty item, the Buckle Up Key Holder may serve a higher purpose by putting the concept of seatbelt use into drivers' minds as they're about to start their vehicles. If you're looking to "buckle up" your keys as well as your self, you can order one (or more) for 2,980 yen (about $34.50) each from the Fu-Bi website. Drive safely... that's the key! (via Walker Plus) (Update: Now also available on Amazon here.)

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