Seating for Squares: The Box Bench

Not necessarily inviting unless you like testing your balance, the Box bench nonetheless offers some cutting-edge design and uncomplicated style. Designed by Cread Estudi for the Spanish firm Ferfor, this square-inspired seating might work best in public places where you know the wait time is short and you won't be gingerly balanced atop a thick bar for very long. Who knows? They might actually be comfortable (sure). Perhaps the designer incorporated the desired ergonomic angle for the perfect lean back (looks doubtful, though).

skinny miniskinny mini


Comfort aside, I think the gaping hole where support usually exists might need to be addressed for safety's sake, especially if kids are involved. They might just fall right through! As for the more cushioned booties, the scenario is equally grim. I can see this news of the weird now: "While waiting for their flight, passenger gets stuck in newfangled airport seating, with rear end dangling out one end, limbs flailing wildly through the other. Authorities are summoned with power tools for rescue..."


Regardless of my wild imaginings, this futuristic seating arrangement is definitely slick, but in terms of comfort the proof is in the pudding of testing it out.



Novate via the design blog