Sebastian Errazuriz's Flipping Wall Shelves


As space is usually an issue most people grapple with at some point, somewhere in their domains, it's always a pleasure to find a way to utilize it in aesthetically pleasing and effecient ways.  Repisa N5 by Sebastian Errazuriz does just that.  

Repisa N5 is an expandable shelving system whose wooden 'fingers' flip down in sections when in use, and return flush with the wall when not, creating a visually interesting textural landscape that plays with negative and positive space whilst being fully functional.

Made from cherry wood, Repisa N5 is reminiscent of wooden piano keys, and when lined up in a tidy row invite one to play with symmetry and pattern.  

Fulbright scholar Sebastian Errarzuriz is touted as one of the top emerging designers by I.D. magazine, and recently captured the title of Chilean Designer of the Year, along with other awards and scholarships. His work also includes cheeky pop art and lighting as well as architectural design and urban art.

Sebastian Errazuriz via freshome