Sebastien Wiernick's OnSite Installations

Belgian designer Sebastien Wiernick has been pushing the envelope in modern furniture design with his sculptural installations since 2002.  Made of winding and warping polyethylene tubes that seem to have a mind of their own, his pieces have graced temporary exhibits as well as found a home in more permanent settings such as cafes and public spaces. 


Temporary installation at Into Art&Furniture, Berlin, GermanyTemporary installation at Into Art&Furniture, Berlin, Germany

A theme that seems to be constant, however, is the idea of opening a space up to wider interaction with its participants through playful, thoughtful movement captured in design. Reminiscent of a roller coaster, his pieces wind up and down, into and around each other to completely utilize all aspects of the space and engender a sweeping feeling of velocity and motion.  What results is a kind of neo-futuristic, half-alive kind of installation, beckoning the user to take part and become a part of its microcosm.

 Temporary installation in Marseille, FranceTemporary installation in Marseille, France

 At Tokyo Eat in Paris, FranceAt Tokyo Eat in Paris, France

Into Art&Furniture photos are by Frank Seehausen, all others are by Sebastien Normand.

OnSite Studio via Contemporist