Second Generation Solar Trees Imitate The Real Thing










Last year, in collaboration with the Museum of Applied Arts solar powered streetlamps, resembling trees, designed by Welsh designer Ross Lovegrove were introduced in Vienna. The reaction to them was positive so Ross Lovegrove is taking it to the next step. He is now working on improving his design with his next generation of solar trees called "Adaptive Solar Tree".

How would these solar-powered trees be adaptive? Much like a real tree the solar- powered tree branch ‘will follow the sun, responding and adapting to the architectural environment, escaping the shadows and following the sun to optimize energy income." Neat! Right?

Still, this isn't all the branches will be able to do. The solar-powered branches will also be able to come close together during strong winds and at night the branches will be able to return to their original position "to give off a full spectrum of light to the street and pedestrians below". In other words the solar-powered trees will have the ability to imitate the way real trees follow the sun and sway with the weather.

In addition, Ross Lovegrove's plans on installing air purification bubbles into the solar trees design, enabling his solar trees to clean the air around them- like a tree is able to clean the air around it. So, although these solar-powered trees can never take the place of real trees, they can take the place of the ordinary energy wasting street lamps we use everywhere today. What would our cities look like if the boring street lamps where taken out and these beautiful solar trees replaced them? Can you imagine?

To take a look at these solar powered trees in action click on this video link . What do you think? Would you want these adaptive solar powered trees in your city?

Via Treehugger and Groovy Green and CNN

Jul 31, 2008
by Anonymous


if that looks like a real tree then I'm Queen of England...hmm I always wanted to boot out Mrs damn I'm not Queen of England shucks anyway otherwise possible good idea

Jul 31, 2008
by Lady Bee
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I think dogs would pee on it!

It's gorgeous!  And as it is standing, dogs would definitely pee on it!