A Seductive, Mysterious, So-Very-Retro But In-The-Moment Lamp... Named Cindy?

If ever there was a lamp that exuded sensuality, without of course being in human form, there is the Cindy Lamp, designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell.  Shiny, sleek, in decadent colors that reflect every object in subtle tones of themselves...  The Cindy Lamp is a slow, seductive, atonal, film noire tune.



Then, why Cindy?  One writer assumes that "Cindy" is the girl next store who grew up to become "a veritable vixen."  Cindy was a popular nickname in the 60's and 70's, and the table lamp style is definitely a throwback to the '70s, but with a geometric shade.  The bold colors are Deco, and the shiny material is reminiscent of the more muted aluminum cups in every 1957 kitchen. But the vibrancy is all 2009.

Indeed the Cindy Lamp is a veritable vixen; but she needs a name like Zoe or Renata.

In any case, the Cindy Lamps simply glow with delight.  You will want one in every color just because you can't decide among them. 



Despite their shine, they're really not aluminum; they are made of a "technoplastic technopolymer," a material Cindy never heard of, no doubt. In Bronze, Flamingo, Gun Metal, Mint Green, Platinum, Tangerine, Ultramarine, and Violet, the Cindy Lamps are energy efficient, operating on a 25 Watt 120 Volt Type E27bulb. The Cindy Table Lamp is 9.25 inches in diameter and 16.5 inches high.  Find her in every color at Lumens.com.  You can name each one whatever you like!

Isn't she gorgeous?



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