See You Pee: Five Cute & Creepy Japanese Urinalysis Cups

Providing a urine sample isn't always as quick & easy as we'd like it to be and frankly, the entire experience can be fraught with performance anxiety. The Japanese medical profession has duly noted this issue and, in an effort to be helpful, now offers squeamish patients a range of cute, comfy and borderline creepy urinalysis cups.    

1) Be A Pee Pro With Nipro!

“Just smile, relax, and let your worries (and bladder) go” seems to be the message being relayed on Nipro's 200ml medical cup. The graphic artist responsible for the charming character on the cup isn't named – neither is the character, unfortunately. (cute Japanese urinalysis cup image via 3yen and Sakurapandatea

2) Nurse Watchit

WiSM has been around for awhile (“since 1918”, they say) and the best they can do is the so-called “Shito Cup”? Word up, WiSM dudes, not only has medicine changed a LOT since the end of The Great War, that particular meme is WAY past its expiry date! As for the cute nurse depicted on the cup itself, "creepy" doesn't even begin to describe it. (cute Japanese urinalysis cup image via WiSM)    

3) Urine The Future Now!

ASKUL brings us “The Urinalysis Cup... OF TOMORROW!” Combining elements of 1950's atomic imagery and Olympic-style graphic iconography, this cup alludes to a brighter future where nuclear families live, work and pee in statistically optimal harmony. (cute Japanese urinalysis cup image via ASKUL Internet Shop)   

4) No Harn Done

That's no typo; “Harn Boy” is the legend writ upon the plinth off of which our minimalist mannekin pis is, er, doing what comes naturally. What does it mean? What's a “Harn”? What does it matter? Just try not to laugh while you try and hold the cup steady... DAMN YOU HARN BOY!! (cute Japanese urinalysis cup image via Kananonik            

5) Worst. Beer. EVAR

These are either Godzilla-sized urinalysis cups or disturbing novelty beer mugs... be VERY afraid of flat beer! There's a Budweiser joke in here somewhere but we're not going to make it. (cute Japanese urinalysis cup image via TokyoMango)          

So you made it to the end of this article without taking a bathroom break... your urethral fortitude is truly admirable and you're number one in our books. By the way, if you're doing number one in our books, you're not only doing it wrong but several first editions need to be replaced or at least, dried. (cute Japanese urinalysis cup images above via Tugumix and at top via Even Unlike People)