Wallpaper* Design Awards 2010: The Interior Design Winners, Part 1

Sure, you can get a list of the Wallpaper* Design Awards 2010 anywhere.  But you want to see the designs, not just read their names on a list!  So, we've gathered them for you.  Focusing on the best interior design awards, here are 11 of the 22 winning furniture designs, plus the winner of the Wallpaper* Furniture Designer of the Year winner in Part 1.

There is no order to these designs. They are all first place winners in Wallpaper*'s furniture design categories.  But I will start off with the winner of the overall prize for furniture design....


1. Wallpaper* Furniture Designer of the Year 2010: Konstantin Grcic

From the announcement... "Konstantin Grcic is a man who tirelessly experiments, reinvents and improves. Meticulous as an industrial designer by training, he applies the same level of attention and detail to all that he turns his hand to, from larger pieces of furniture to smaller accessories, leaving them all with an unmistakable Grcic stamp."

We've shown several of Grcic's designs here at InventorSpot. His most recent design, the 360 Container, is a great stack of caster-bottomed drawers that swivel around to where you are from a vertical pole as they open.




2.  Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Chair: Cord-Chair, by Nendo for Maruni Wood Industry

This hand-crafted Cord-Chair  is made of a 3mm hard maple wood wrapped around a 9mm stainless steel frame, literally the total thickness of an electrical cord.




3.  Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Bed: 'Superia II', by Hästens

The Superia II embodies a proprietary double spring system and claims exclusivity, flexibility, and pressure relief... combined to provide a "sleeping experience on a whole new level.




4. Wallpaper* Design Award 2010 For Best Bench: Titikaka Bench by Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italia

An extraordinary wood-weighty outdoor bench, wood rolling over an aluminum frame, as graceful as water. B&B Italia.