See Disaster as it Approaches Your Surfboard Window: Great Idea?

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Patent# US D503206
dates back to 2005. It is, as most clever ideas are, simple enough; concerning a Surfboard Having a Viewing Window. The patent drawing involves an ornamental design for a window on a regular surfboard. According to one reviewer who was happily surfing in South Africa, the window on the board gave him a view of something he would have preferred not to see at all; namely, a Great White Shark swimming underneath. The knowledge that the shark was so close by naturally terrified him, but it also gave him an edge and he was able to escape an otherwise terrible fate.



The Surfboard Having a Viewing Window is a good idea all by itself. There are those however, who claim that it could be even better. Its simplicity of design is a big selling point, but some have suggested that the surfboard could be completely clear rather than a solid board with just a window. An entirely clear acrylic board will leave no mystery as to what lies ahead or underneath the surfer. Perhaps, while on this track, manufacturers could consider surfing ensembles, with clear swim apparel to go with the board? Everything and everyone could then be transparent and a buffo, so to speak.

Finding new and different ways to spend more time in the water has been a source of inspiration for many inventors. Read about “Collapsible Surfboard: Perfect For Surfers On The Go” and “A Surfboard That Works Without Waves”.


As far as the Surfboard Having a Viewing Window is concerned, for my part, I prefer water that contains no surprises; tap, bath etc.

So this is not for me but that’s not to say it’s not for you!


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