See The Innovative Insulin Delivery Tools From Winners Of The “Ignite: Diabetes Challenge!”

Way back in May 2013, the “Ignite Diabetes Challenge” prompted designers from around the world to create plans for painless and less painful ways for diabetics to take their needed insulin. Shots suck, so let’s check out the insulin delivery tools of the future:

Breeza Insulin InhalerBreeza Insulin Inhaler

Luca Harrel of North Carolina, USA, came up with my favorite new insulin ingestion tool: The Breeza Insulin Inhaler. Not only does the prototype device measure blood tests, but it also holds multiple doses in an easily inhalable capsule. The icing on the cake are the multiple designer colors that the Breeze would come in!



Avi Aloni’s (London, UK) Eyecheck device even goes as far as to eliminate the need for a pin prick blood test, as the tool scans the user’s eye to see if he or she needs a dose on insulin. Results are displayed on an easy to read screen and if needed, the user would simply spray a dose down the hatch. Neat!


Arjun Raj Kumar’s (Ahmedabad, India) Krystalin system makes taking insulin as painless, effortless and routine as taking vitamins in the morning. These highly manageable patches just slap right on, deliver the enclosed insulin and are tossed as soon as the medicine is absorbed into the body. Talk about convenient!

Easy Insulin, by Ion CarbuniEasy Insulin, by Ion Carbuni


Insulin Printer, by Mehrafza Mirzazad BarijugheInsulin Printer, by Mehrafza Mirzazad Barijughe

LEGO Insulin, by Pragya SinghLEGO Insulin, by Pragya Singh

Stamp-It, by Kaustav MajumdarStamp-It, by Kaustav Majumdar

 Stealth-In, by Dinesh KumarStealth-In, by Dinesh Kumar

 Being ‘Sweet’ Isn’t Painful, by Devina KothartBeing ‘Sweet’ Isn’t Painful, by Devina Kothart

Be sure to browse through the entire collection of innovations from the other winners of the Ignite: Diabetes Challenge, as there’s plenty of awesome ideas that could be flushed out into real world products that could diabetics worldwide. You never know when that next breakthrough is around the corner!

Source: Ignite: Diabetes Challenge