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The King of Pop has been feeling the crunch of the recession just like the rest of us, and now he's getting a little hard for cash.  In an effort to stay afloat, Michael Jackson has decided to start auctioning off items from his world-famous Neverland Ranch.  For this endeavor, Jackson has employed Julien's Auctions to create a catalogue of what's up for grabs. will give you an interactive experience as you peruse Jacko's mysterious and bizarre auction items.

The auction is divided into eight different sessions.  Garden statues and outdoor furniture mark the first auction, followed by two sessions of indoor furniture and decorations, paintings and decorative art, theme park rides and Disney-related items, and finishing the auction is two sessions of memorabilia marking Jackson's legendary career.  Each is a lengthy interactive magazine of pictures and descriptions. Just click and drag the pages to sift through this amazing collection.

The first thing you'll notice about Jacko's auction is that it is truly enormous.  Jackson is auctioning off most of what has made his Neverland Ranch one of the most fascinating dwelling places in pop culture history.  Because of that, looking through these auctions can actually give you a pretty good idea of not only how much money this guy was spending on frivolous fun stuff, but also the extreme depth to which Michael took on this version of his reality.

Fans will certainly enjoy getting a more intimate look at Michael's possessions as they're about to be carted off to the highest bidder.  It's also a little sobering that even the esteemed King of Pop must sell off most of his stuff to make ends meet these days.  Either way, the experience presented at Julien's Auctions is one you should not deprive yourself of.  Pick out your dream item from Jacko's auction, and let us know about it in the comments!