See The Top Chair Designs From NYC’s Battery Park Contest!

The Battery Conservancy Americas “Draw Up A Chair” Design Competition is quickly coming to a close, and one of the five remaining chair designs will be used to furnish Manhattan’s Battery Park. But which one of the designers will win the $10,000 prize?



Out of the many designs entered from around the world, there were 50 finalists, and now only 5 chairs remain. Those left in the running are Jason Bird’s “South Chair” (United States), Simon Kristak & Team’s “Pivot Chair” (United States), Davi Deusdara’s “U ROCK” (Brazil), Maria Camarena Bernard’s “MPLE Chair” (Mexico) and Andrew Jones’ “FLEURT” (Canada). Whoever’s brilliant design wins the competition will earn $10,000, worldwide recognition and around 300 of their chairs built for Battery Park.



From now until April 2014, these supreme movable outdoor chair designs will receive serious prototyping to test each design out, and will be exhibited by Design Miami. However, we won’t know who the winner is until May 2014, so sit back and get comfy until we see which designer takes the winner’s throne. “Draw Up A Chair” set out to find the most inviting, visually impressive, adaptable and comfortable movable outdoor chairs for Battery Park, and from the finalists, it’s clear that the judges have great taste in modern design.

 South ChairSouth Chair


Congratulations to all of the finalists, and stay tuned to see which innovative chair design takes Battery Park by storm in 2014!

Sources: The Battery Conservancy, New York Times