Watch Your Home From The Outside With NetCam

 The Belkin NetCam with Night VisionThe Belkin NetCam with Night Vision


With all the advances in technology these days, it was inevitable someone was going to come up with a new way to monitor your home. Monitoring your home while you're away seems to be gaining in popularity.

An intriguing idea, the Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision connects to your Wi-Fi router without the need of a computer (you view content and load images directly to your smartphone). The only disadvantage is that you're using a single-camera system, so if you're planning to invest in a dedicated home security system the NetCam might not work for you.

Maybe it's date night, and you've hired a new sitter and you want to keep an eye on how it's going, pull out your phone and peek in. Maybe you're a fan of those reality ghost shows and want to show your friends that the paranormal exists within your home, NetCam's got you pretty much covered. And if you simply want some added security, this product has some features worth considering:

  • Wide-angle video – for catching more of the shot
  • Night Vision – Leave the lights out and still see everything
  • Mobile device recording – video can be uploaded to your phone
  • Email alerts – lets you know if there's some unusual movement

This isn't for everyone, and clearly there are some privacy issues that could arise from use of the device (it's basically a spycam in disguise), but it's good to know you have options.

NetCam requires a Wi-Fi router with an Internet connection and an either an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or  Android device with version 2.2 (or higher). And at $99, the NetCam is likely to be the cheapest home monitoring you'll find. Check out the Belkin NetCam on Amazon.

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