Seedbed Roll For The Lazy Gardeners

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What if growing lettuce was as simple as rolling out a sheet of seeds and placing it on the ground and watching it grow without any worry of weeds? It turns out it may just be that simple? There is an innovative gardening product on the market called Seedbed Roll.

What exactly is a Seedbed Roll? "Basically it's a seed-laden grow mat and polytunnel, scientifically developed to conserve water and produce chemical, bug and disease-free veg" ( The lettuce grows strong and nice neat rows. There is also no need to worry about weeding the gardening since the mat helps keep the weeds out of the garden.

To grow a lettuce garden from this roll the seedbed roll needs to be laid out on flat and moist soil. The edges of the mat are covered by dirt to keep the wind from blowing the mat away or they a stake can be used to hold the corners down. The leaves then grow in a "protected micro environment as perforations in the film expand to form a tunnel" ( When the lettuce is ready to harvest the compostable film can be rolled back.

Personally speaking, I never sow seeds in straight rows, but instead throw seeds into the garden letting them grow wherever they grow. Sometimes the veggies grow in clumps; some times they grow with too much space in between. I really never know what I'm going to get. So, this idea of gardening convenience intrigues me, but at $11 a box is it worth it? And how eco-friendly is it really? Anyone out there try this yet?

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