Seeker Seeks A Seat At The Energy Drink Bar

Move over, Red Bull and Slow Cow, a challenger from Japan is seeking to earn its wings in the increasingly crowded energy drink sector. Kobe-based Seeker Energy Drink eschews cans for bottles, is tinted a particularly brilliant shade of yellow, and could use a dash of copyediting before it's really ready for prime time.

According to the bare-bones Seeker Energy website, Seeker is “coming soon” and if it's available at all, selling locations are very limited. Therefore, at press time, the answer to the corporate slogan “U got SEEKER power...!?” is, well, not quite yet. 

Seeker seems to be exploring a market niche that may be unique: lots of folks like mixing their energy drinks with water (to dilute them) or other beverages, alcoholic or not. If you're this type of energy drink drinker, you'll appreciate the fact that Seeker is a concentrate and should be mixed in a 1:5 ratio.

The downside of this being you'll have to lug around that heavy glass 190ml Seeker bottle five times longer than you might carry an un-concentrated energy drink. Consider it as just one more way to build muscle mass.

As for the drink itself, the ingredients list includes honey, guarana seed extract, L- Carnitine, salt, citric acid... the usual suspects when it comes to energy drinks. Take a closer look at the bottle's back label and you'll see something else... right at the top... “ENEGY DRINK”.

Memo to C.R.E.A.M., the company who came up with Seeker: if one seeks to rub shoulders with the big boys in the energy drink sector, it might help if you spell “energy” correctly. Just sayin'.