Camera Aims To Give Kids The Big Picture

Designer Malin Grummas has created the camera concept, a kid-friendly digital camera that doesn't just collect but projects photos for maximum enjoyment.

Cameras are expensive, even with the advent of the cell-phone-as-camera movement. Children are also expensive, even moreso when they decide to "play" with mommy or daddy's camera for the day and proceed to smack it into walls, drop it on the floor and potentially enjoy using it in bathroom environs that could result in its ultimate destruction.

Combining the interests of children in gadgetry and cameras with an option that suits their play style is the camera from designer Malin Grummas.

The camera is small and triangular in shape, with rounded gripping handles at the bottom for kids to easily grab and hold on to. A simple view finder is located on the curved back of the camera, and a single "camera" button is handy on the lower right-hand side of the No fancy flashes, zooms or other digital trickery here, just good old fashioned camera fun. 

In addition, the comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying during a busy day of photojournalism, and includes a simple "play" button for photos and forward/back photo selector buttons.

Simple: the way a kid's camera should be.Simple: the way a kid's camera should be. 

This is where the really shines - forget the need for cords or connections, instead the camera comes with a small built-in projector that can display a child's photos on any surface they see fit. This means no waiting from the moment of "mommy, mommy, I took a picture of ____!" to the "ok, now that we have everything hooked up and the computer actually recognizes the camera, show me your picture of _____".

Typically, this scenario results in a "I don't remember why I took a picture of ____ anymore".

But with the, never fear! A child can simply project the picture they've taken onto a nearby wall or bedspread for all to enjoy.

Projection: always awesome.Projection: always awesome. 

It's a clever concept, and while there are already kids cameras on the market, the addition of a simple projector really ramps the value in this one up. Hopefully, Grummas can find a backer for her design and start getting these to market.

We project large sales.

Source: Tuvie 


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