As Seen On TV: Is the Awesome Auger Truly Awesome?

We all know this guy, right?

Stop yelling at me!  I'll buy it, already!Stop yelling at me! I'll buy it, already!

I'll be honest with you.  I have purchased more than a few products pitched by him.  Even if it seems like he's yelling at us to "buy bUY BUY!" we can't not like him.  At least I can't.  He looks like a really nice guy-and probably is.

But even nice guys get pulled into tricky situations at times.

Apparently not so awesome...Apparently not so awesome...

This is The Awresome Auger; essentially it's just a super-long drill bit that is designed to help people rip through dirt without bending down.  The makers claim that it works really well when digging post holes, planting trees, tilling, etc.  You get the picture.  And it's a good idea.  I have back problems, so I would love something like this.  And for $20.00, plus shipping and handling, it sounds like you can't go wrong.

But, according to the reviews I've found, it has some... problems.

In the case of the Awesome Auger, the word "fraud" has come up multiple times.  It is the victim of a double-whammy-one in design and one in marketing.

One user stripped the drill bit holder in three minutes.  User error?  Maybe.  But from what I can gather, this thing can't get through densely packed dirt.  And rocks cause it to snag up and/or break as well.  So, basically you have to use it in soft earth or it breaks.

Okay... this I can deal with.  As with certain tools, you have to be careful.  I almost took my leg off with a chainsaw, so I understand.  And, you got it-I'm not the most handy guy in the world when it comes to equipment that can chop off limbs-not tree limbs, but like... my leg.

The real issue with the Awesome Auger seems to be with shipping-not only content, but also in price variance.  In digging around, I found that many of the buyers received only partial orders.  Or that the "free" drill resulted in a shipping fee of just under $40.00!

Speaking of shipping fees: how does $74.00 for a drill sound to you?  That's just the shipping; tack another $20.00 on that for the auger itself, and you're getting... well, ripped off.

In digging around (pun absolutely intended) I found review after review that stated the same thing: beware.  So I can't in all good consciousness recommend the Awesome Auger.

Sorry, Billy.  I still like Oxiclean, though...

If you dare, you can get your Awesome Auger at The Awesome Auger website.

SOURCE: As Seen On TV Reviews

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