As Seen On TV: The Belly Burner. Same Ad, Different Consumer.

I think my television is a time machine.  At some point on Saturday I was transported back to the 1980s by this commercial:

Okay, so the commercial is from 2007-but these ab belt things have been around since the dawn of time, and I don't recall any of them being greeted in a friendly manner by consumers and critics.  I'd hazard a guess that a Cro-Magnon Man wrapped a deer hide around his mid-section and tried to pander it off to the neighboring tribe.

This commercial really is just a clone of earlier ads, right down to the lack of listing any sort of realistic efficacy in the device.  Sure, there are "thermagraphic" images, but unless you live in the Star Trek universe, this means nothing.  Actually, even if you live in the Star Trek universe it would still mean nothing.

The Belly Burner will make you hot and into a boxer.  Well... not really.The Belly Burner will make you hot and into a boxer. Well... not really.

Why?  Why, oh why, bring the Belly Burner into a now more scam-savvy 2010?  Because most people are lazy.  I know this for a fact.

How?  Because I'm one of the lazy people, that's how.

I'd love for something like this to work.  The commercial states that the belt only "enhances" your workout.  If by "enhancement" they mean the psychological effect of wearing the belt to encourage physical activity... well... then they should say that.

The fact remains that even with the assistance of gadgets and pills, the only way to lose weight and get into shape involves exercising and balancing dietary habits.  If wearing the Belly Burner while working out helps you feel better, then by all means-wear it!

Which brings me to the point of this article:

To the marketing guys handling the Belly Burner: If you're going to market a product that has been around forever, at least try to put a different spin on it.

It's not like there was some sort of viral disaster that killed everyone over 20-years-old.  We, the consumer, remember things like this and tell other people about it.

But, even in this day of ultra-fast communication, consumers who know better can't spread the word to everyone.

Of course there will be people that buy this.  And why not?  It promises superhero ab muscles without giving any evidence as to how-except for all of that working out in the video.  But they don't mention that aspect of the Belly Burner.  You know... the aspect that has you actually performing physical activity.

At least it doesn't have electrodes:

Remember that weight-loss belt?  Yeah.  Me, too.

Go here to get a Belly Burner and see the results for yourself!  If it works for ya then that's a great big "Yay!"  If not... well, you have a belt that'll give you back support when moving furniture.

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