As Seen on TV: Bendaroos!

Wow!  Bendaroos look fun!  They look like pipe cleaners on speed.

Actually, Bendaroos are made of durable wax-coated string that can bend all over the place and stick to things without leaving a stain. They come in neon and rainbow colors and are supposed to hold their shape when bent.  This malleability supposedly allows kids to make all sorts of things such as animals or spaceships. But...

A lot of buyers aren't too happy with Bendaroos.  The most prominent problem seems to be that these things don't stick to anything-including each other.  One consumer's kid started crying because she couldn't get the sticks to work like the happy children in the commercial.

On the flip side, some users couldn't get the Bendaroos to separate from each other once out of the package.  Strange...

One user calls them "micro-candles."  Well, let's see... they're made of string coated with wax.  Sounds like a candle to me...

Which leads me to yet another complaint made by buyers: they melt and leave wax stains.  Um...  Yeah...  That's what candles do as well.

And then we have the ubiquitous As Seen On TV shipping issues, with some consumers being double-billed and others receiving different sets of Bendaroos than what was ordered.

The few proponents of Bendaroos say the standard stuff.  You know, things like "There's no end to what your kids can create with these wax coated sticks!" and "My 6 year old daughter loves this!"

I'm going to play devil's advocate here and say that the divergence in opinion could be based on a mistake in the chemical make-up of the product. Perhaps a lack in quality control has resulted in slight deviations of formula during production.  I'm talkin' to you, Floam.

This is just supposition on my part, however.

If you are curious about Bendaroos and want to give them a shot, just pop on over to Amazon for a 500 Piece Mega Kit. 

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Aug 27, 2009
by Anonymous

typical chinese quality

God knows what toxic sludge was used to make those things.

Lead safe? Doubt it!!!! waiting for the recall anytime soon.

those things are typical of fly by night operations sell a ton of them to gullible kids/parents and screw up the order so you always are charged more (how come no one ever gets anytnig for less by mistake?) and because many are not even bothered to fight 5 10 20 dollars extra they end up getting away with it by taking their sweet time to get around to it and for you to tire waiting to happen.

Welcome to the new economy!!!!!

Aug 27, 2009
by Anonymous

pipe cleaners with sticky wax????????

seems like it!

Sep 19, 2009
by Anonymous


We bought them at Wal-Mart, so no shipping or double billing issues. My kids love them so far. They are having lots of fun making towns and houses on the walls. My husband loves them because they don't leave greasy stains on the walls as most of the kid's toys do.