As Seen On TV: The Grease Bullet

It would be great to have this little tablet that you could plop into a sink full of dirty dishes... bam!  Clean dishes!

Yeah, I think that would rock.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, was a chef in one of my past lives, and the TV is constantly on The Food Network.  Hell, my girlfriend and I even host Iron Chef competitions.  I'm a total foodie, and proud of it.

But I HATE doing dishes.  Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!  In fact, as I type this, my sink is piled full of dirty dishes from last night's excursion into the wonders of Thai food.  I made a mean chicken curry dish.

So when I saw this product, I got excited:

What's this?!?!?!  A miracle grease cutting pill??!?!  With a cool name, no less!

Ah, but the miracles of television advertising can manufacture a beguiling rose of a product out of a big, stinking turd.  So I did some digging around to see how people felt about the Grease Bullet.

According to the ads these things should be the equivalent of an atom bomb when it comes to destroying grease.  You are supposed to fill your sink with water "as hot as you can get it," drop in the Grease Bullet tablet, wait for it to dissolve, then toss in your dirty dishes - which we be clean in minutes!

But...  In some cases the tablet didn't dissolve.  In others the tablet could not even be removed from the package because it was fused there (presumably due to moisture entering the packaging at some point).

And the "clean in minutes" phrase is true... but it's one of those tricky truths in that it doesn't state exactly how many minutes.  Some people had luck with the Grease Bullet, but only after several hours of soaking.  In my experience, soapy water does the same thing.

There are a few good reviews, each containing one type of caveat or another.  These generally concern either time or the temperature of the water (which apparently has to be boiling - literally).  One consumer had great success using this item in a small deep fryer.  But even then he complains of time issues.

So it sounds like the Grease Bullet sort'a works... kind'a.  But not enough to justify a purchase.

I'm gonna stick to hot, soapy water, myself.

And my dirty dishes are still staring at me from the kitchen sink.  Evil, evil dishes.

Maybe I'll clean 'em after lunch...

If you want to experiment with the Grease Bullet, you can find it at Amazon.

Anyone try this product yet? What do you think of it?

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