As Seen On TV: The Ionic Whisper

When I was young, I had horrible asthma.  I was that dorky kid, loaded with pimples, teeth encased in braces, thick glasses over my eyes - and the inhaler.  You know, the one loaded with steroids that they now say will kill you.

Inhalers have come a long way since then - and so have air purifiers.

The Bell & Howell Ionic Whisper claims to rid dangerous pollutants from your home or office by filtering pollen, pet dander, smoke, dust, and other contaminants.  At only 12 inches tall, that's quite a lot of air purification.

It has a permanent filter built of collector rods.  This filter never needs cleaning - just wipe down the rods and your done.

While not a huge innovation, the size is what makes this unit stand out.  It's quite unobtrusive, whereas many units that provide the same air cleansing stand at least three feet tall.

But does it work?

The reviews are mixed on this one, which makes me kind'a sad.  Coming from a child's background of asthma and massive allergies, I had high hopes for this little machine.

On the positive side, most reviewers raved about the compact size, the relative silence of the unit, and the unique rod filter.

Some reviews were absolutely ecstatic, claiming that the Ionic Whisper had done everything from clear nasal congestion to help plants grow better.

But the negative reviews outnumbered the positive.

And some of the claims are positively scary.  The most startling of these contends that the unit began "sparking" and possibly "emitting harmful ozone levels" making the user's breathing even worse.

A lot of reviews centered on how flimsy the construction was, with several of these ending in tales about how it simply fell apart.

But the largest problem seemed to be the small size of the unit.  Many claimed that it simply did not have the power to suck all of the bad stuff out of the air.  One review summed it up by stating, "I don't think this thing could freshen a room the size of a cereal box."

So... it is with sadness that I can't recommend this product.  While the positive reviews were glowing, there were simply too few of them to contend with the overwhelming negative reactions.

Best stay on that inhaler, little Billy.

If you want to give the Ionic Whisper a try (and at around $25, it won't break the bank), head on over to Amazon!

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Oct 21, 2009
by Anonymous

No F-n' way

Come on. Look at the price. Ever heard of "you get what you pay for?" There's no way this thing even looks like it works as good as it claims.
I can't believe you even got your hopes up.

Oct 21, 2009
by Anonymous

If it is not certified to

If it is not certified to the UL standard for air cleaners, I would not go near it.