As Seen On TV: Is The Nicer Dicer... Nicer?

In my past life I was a chef.  As such, I was always looking for new gadgets to make prep work faster.  Except for a few occasions, nothing generally beats a good, sharp knife.

We've all seen a myriad of ads on TV touting kitchen miracles designed to make life easier.  But I'm always leery when it comes to any device involving razor sharp blades.  I'm a fan of having fingers.

Introducing The Nicer DicerIntroducing The Nicer Dicer

However, the Genius Nicer Dicer has a pretty good rep-except with tomatoes.  I'll get to that in a moment.

Generally speaking, this thing is kind'a cool.  Essentially all you do is place your veggie beneath the top part of the dicer and push down-sort'a like a stapler.  The veggie is pressed through a set of blades and plops down into a container at the bottom of the dicer.  You then just pull the container off of the chopping unit and... there ya go: diced veggie.  Pretty easy.

Cutting stuff in this manner makes it pretty hard to chop off your fingers (though you may want to be careful when washing it).

The Nicer Dicer set consists of 2 blade cutters, 2 containers, and a booklet of recipes.

Sounds pretty sweet, eh?  But...

Feelings are quite mixed about this thing's efficiency.  It squashes tomatoes... which is quite easy to visualize, as tomatoes are quite unlike peppers or zuchinni in texture.  Way more liquid in consistency.  Some users have broken the dicer upon first use.  This could be user error, but it does broach the question of the strength of the upper handle.  I've broken more solid things without even trying...

Complaints of bending blades, or of blades simply falling out, seem to be quite frequent.

On the positive side, it is quite good at cutting boiled eggs, peppers, potatoes, and items of that texture-sort of soft.  And it is a time saver, as well as a device that minimizes kitchen destruction (something that I'm very good at-it takes me forever to clean after I cook).   

It is quite efficient, and a nifty gadget.

While I can't wholly recommend the Nicer Dicer, I can't condemn it either.  I think it just needs a bit of restructuring to improve stability.

You can get your Genius Nicer Dicer at any home goods store or on Amazon here.  (Update: There is a new Nicer Dicer available with a Multi-Chopper. Also, when you're looking at the Nicer Dicer, take a look at the Vidalia Chop Wizard to see if that may work better for you.)

If you have tried the Nicer Dicer product, what do you think of it?

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