As Seen on TV: The Pocket Hose -- Product Review

The Pocket Hose is quite innovative.  I own one.  It was given as a gift by my girlfriend's mother.  And before your minds go into the gutter, let's take a look at the actual product in this fine infomercial:

Okay... so we've seen the ad.  But does it truly do what is shown?

Surprisingly, yes.  But there's a caveat: the plastic connectors.  The hose itself is great.  It's lightweight, easy to store, and really does expand.  It made watering my garden a lot easier.  I've connected the Pocket Hose to my heavy hose.  This not only doubles the distance I can cover, but also makes it much easier to do as I don't have to drag heavy rubber across the yard.  The Pocket Hose is truly light weight.

But back to those plastic connectors.  Within the second use, one of the connectors (the one that I had the nozzle attached to) cracked, then snapped off.  I therefore have no way of attaching a spray nozzle to the hose.  While I've not yet gone to the hardware store to get another attachment (which I'm not sure would even fit on the Pocket Hose), I must admit to being disappointed with such a short life-span on this part of the product.

So, in a nutshell, here are the postives and negatives:


  • Lightweight
  • Long
  • Easy to store


  • Somewhat fragile--I can't really speculate on how long the actual hose will last; this is due to the nature of the product in making it easy to store.
  • The plastic connectors on the ends are thin and break easily.

Overal, I would give the Pocket Hose a good review.  It does pretty much what the infomercial states.  But I would recommend wrapping duct tape or something around the connectors to strengthen them.  That is the weak link in what I (to this point) consider a really innovative product.  Unless it starts leaking...

You can get a Pocket Hose at Amazon or at  At Seen on TV.  Depending on length they generally run between $15 to $30.