As Seen on TV: The Turbo Snake - Product Review

A few years ago I had the misfortune of a sewerage backup in my house.  It originated in the line running from the kitchen sink to the septic tank.

It looked sort'a like this:

The line ran out of the house, down the side at an angle, then down into the earth where it continued its underground length for a good 80 feet or so.

I tried snaking it (both through the sink and via the outside pipe), to no avail, and finally had to get a professional to come over and use his industrial snake to clear the line.

It was fun.  I say that with all due sarcasm.  In truth, crap flew everywhere.  Literally.  It was a huge, smelly mess.

I wish I'd had one of these:

The Turbo SnakeThe Turbo Snake

The Turbo Snake is essentially a flexible coil (a snake) that you jam down into any drain to dislodge and/or grab any hair that's causing the clog.  Two different snakes are provided-one longer than the other, and with a head designed for showers and bathtubs.  In essence, it's pretty much the same as any other pipe auger used for this type of work.

What sets it apart from the other is that the Turbo Snake is specifically designed to grab hair on specially designed head that looks kind of like Velcro.

The Turbo Snake operates via three simple steps:

Turbo Snake in three steps: Insert, Twist, & Remove disgusting hairballs.Turbo Snake in three steps: Insert, Twist, & Remove disgusting hairballs.

Watch below for live-action disgust-o-cam hairball goodness!

The reviews I found are somewhat mixed on the Turbo Snake, though they tend toward the positive.  It is praised for being a very fast, effective little device when it comes to removing hair.  It is also noted that, due to its size, there's no need to remove sink and tub stoppers when snaking.

Most complaints have to do with the length of the snakes, stating that they were too short to reach the clog.  This is the same issue I had with the regular ol' snake I used for my leak.

In one case the special, hair-catching head dropped off somewhere inside of the pipe-thereby becoming part of the problem instead of the solution.

With a price of just over $10, I'm gonna get off of the fence on this one and say it's worth giving a shot.  A pipe auger is a good thing to have around the house, and the Turbo Snake doesn't cost much more than any other brand.

You can get the Turbo Snake at Amazon or through the Turbo Snake web site.

Anyone try the Turbo Snake yet? Please tell me if you liked it or hated it.

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Apr 18, 2010
by Anonymous


Is Turbo Snake going to pay my plumbing bill? I wonder this, since I used their product to clear my clogged drain and now half the product is stuck down the tub with the clog. Great work Turbo Snake!