Seesaw Concept Offers Easy Tips On Getting Batteries Out

Getting AA batteries out of common household devices can be a real pain in the AAss. Now, with the Seesaw battey concept from Young Suk Kin, the scales may have tipped in your favor.

Sure, AA batteries are great and we couldn't really do without them. TV remotes, hair trimmers, kids' toys - any number of devices use these batteries and there is an almost-constant need to change one set or another in a home. While the industry has made strides in creating longer-lasting and rechargeable batteries, they have not addressed the fact that the standard cylinder shape of the things makes them a massive pain to remove once they have become lodged in a favorite toy or necessary remote. Often, it seems as though the slightest imperfection in a device's battery cavity means that the AA will go in easily but getting it out will require so much force that buying a new - whatever - might just be easier.

No more, says Young Suk Kin and the Seeway battery. No more!

Kin has taken the traditional AA battery design and narrowed the ends, keeping the positive/negative essentials but making the removal process far easier. The tapered ends mean that only small amount of force is needed to pop the Seesaw up and out of the device and into the waiting hand of a user for replacement or charge. Little else about the battery design has changed, aside from coloring and a slightly more sleek middle body - but the ends are a revelation.

Seesaw battery: removal made easy.Seesaw battery: removal made easy. 

While we can see their being problems with shifting batteries or ends that don't connect quite right,  a few iterations of the Seesaw design should be enough to see it working perfectly. It's clever and simple - something that most great inventions share, and we hope it can get a positive response in the battery market.

Source: Yanko