Indoor Fireworks From Sega Toys Light Up Your Living Room

Japan's Sega Toys is releasing a cool new product this August 1st that allows the user to host fireworks shows indoors. Whether you've got an intimate evening for two in mind or want to provide a whiz-bang close to a group celebration, the Uchiage Hanabi is up to the occasion.

Resembling a small planetarium, the battery-powered device features 5 projector lenses and a set of speakers that add an appropriate cacophony to the light show playing out on the walls and ceiling.

While the release date puts it past this year's Fourth of July, in 2010 you can see the rockets' red flare from the comfort of your cozy living room - rain or shine!

Here's a video of the Uchiage Hanabi in action, though a much better and longer (10 minutes) video can be viewed at the Amazon Japan product page:


The Uchiage Hanabi has some extra features that add to its awesomeness, mainly the ability to design your own fireworks using colored pens and films that are included. As well, the Uchiage Hanabi offers a variety of selectable modes so that every fireworks show is different from the last.

Amazon Japan is offering the Uchiage Hanabi for pre-order at its website, discounted to 12,400 yen (about $130). Though they're not shipping outside Japan at the present time, that could change in the coming months. In the meantime, Happy Fourth... and here's hoping you have fair weather! (via CScout Japan and Gizmodo Japan)