Segatoys Robot Dreamchick is Your No Fuss, No Mess Pet

Just point & cluck...Just point & cluck...
The Dreamchick from Segatoys is the latest trendy toy from robot-crazy Japan! Designed to look and act like a fluffy yellow 3-day old baby chick, the Dreamchick responds to your touch and makes sad sounds when you ignore it.

Betcha can't buy just one...Betcha can't buy just one...
Perhaps it's the tiny apartments, long working hours and lack of quality time that prevents Japanese from owning pets, but these types of lifestyles have had another effect: spurring toy manufacturers to create more and more realistic robotic pets! The latest of these is the Dreamchick from Segatoys. While primitive in many ways - it makes a grinding metallic noise when it flaps its tiny wings - it does indeed flap them so that's saying something at least.

Big fan of chick flicks...Big fan of chick flicks...
In addition to wing flapping, the Dreamchick chirps and cheeps in response to being petted. This is a salient feature of Japanese robotic toys and adds much to their appeal. Interactivity makes the "pet" owner feel they are dealing with another creature instead of an appliance. This feature has been used to create very effective therapy pets like Paro, the robotic baby seal.

"My father was a friar...""My father was a friar..."
The battery powered Dreamchick is designed with a range of touch sensitive features. Simply hold it and it'll flap its wings. Gently pat it on its fluffy head or back, and your Dreamchick will emit a series of contented chirps. Ignore it, however, and those happy cheeps will take on a melancholy note. You're not going to let that happen, are you?


Dreamchicks can be ordered online from specialty retailer Audiocubes for $25.00 plus shipping. Makes an ideal gift for kids, singles, even office workers who can keep it on their desks at work!



Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer