Seiko Earthquake Activated Wall Clock Shines When Shaken

Japan may seem awash in earthquake related home safety gadgets but that's no surprise to those who live there - the country is frighteningly earthquake prone and Tokyo is overdue for a potentially disastrous mega tremor.

With that in mind, Seiko's wood (MDF) framed KX329B and plastic framed KX330P make perfect sense, acting as potentially life-saving emergency lighting should a nocturnal earthquake knock out a home's electrical lighting. An internal vibration sensor reacts to at least moderate earthquakes by automatically illuminating a white LED that lights up the clock's face.


Both clocks are powered by 5 "AA" alkaline batteries that will last up to one year in normal use. A novel feature of these clocks is that they automatically adjust to accurate Japan Standard Time by remotely tuning in to Organization of Information and Communications Technology Agency broadcasts from either Fukushima station (40kHz) or the Kyushu Bureau (60kHz), whichever is clearer.

These Disaster Reduction light relief clocks will be available in Japan this October 2009 and will cost 14,700 yen (about $155) for the wood-framed version and 12,600 yen (about $132) for the plastic framed version. (via Impress Watch)