SEIL Bag: The LED Billboard For Your Back

While I love riding a bike, I don't think I could ever really be a serious bicycle commuter. And the main reason barring me from such is that I'm just not comfortable riding on the street with traffic. Plus, I really feel like a knob doing those exaggerated hand signals to let drivers know when I'm turning.

If I had the SEIL backpack designed by Leemyungsu Designlab, I might just be able to put some mileage on my tires. Kind of a two-headed monster, the SEIL is part really innovative, useful invention and part mindless, Internet-speak nonsense.

The aspect that appeals to me is the "Driving Mode" which conveys turn signals through an LED panel display on the back--definitely better than those arm signals. Those signals are controlled via a detachable controller, which you could presumably mount on your handlebars. Through the use of motion sensors, the backpack also has a brake signal.

The part that I find detestable is the "Emotion Mode," which allows you to convey your emotions through a series of LED emoticans for no better reason than to attract attention to yourself. Have some self respect and save that for the Internet, if ever. And why do they undermine a perfectly innovative product for such a frivolous feature?

If Leemyungsu ever got really serious about making this a bike bag, I'd imagine they'd have to cut the Emotion Mode out of the picture since it's beyond useless for cycling. I'd say they'd have a pretty cool bag then.