The Latest, Smartest, And Coolest Self Defense Gadgets For Women

Babes, whether you never leave home without your brute (attack man or attack dog), or you don't have a brute, you should always be able to protect yourself.  Even martial artists often carry small weapons with them to make their moves even more effective.  Today, there are a number of cool, concealable, and even disguised lightweight weapons that won't take you long to learn to master.  And once you do master them, you will feel more confident out and about without your brute!

Surprise is key in self-defense; unless your weapon is concealed or disguised, the first thing your attacker will do is take it from you.  So think about which of these self-defense gadgets you would be able to handle most successfully if attacked. (You can also look at our latest article on 8 Clever New Self Defense Tools To Keep Woman Safe.)


1.  Slap Hat Extreme Self Defense Cap

Wearable by men and women, the adjustable Slap Hat is designed like a standard baseball cap, but it packs a wallop. And don't worry about it feeling heavy on your head; it reportedly feels kind of like a bean bag.  The materials in the hat are not beans, however, but a new impact material that is 100 percent the density of Iead!


Slap Hat Extreme Self Defense CapSlap Hat Extreme Self Defense Cap


2. Pepper Spray Lipstick/Perfume

These sexy pepper spray containers will come in handy outdoors, if kept in a pocket, or indoors if kept in a convenient place near your bed - let's say in a dorm room.  As a lipstick or perfume case, they are certainly items that young women would own, so the Pepper Spray Lipstick/Perfume is a great disguise. For a more mature look in pepper spray lipstick, try the Ps Lipstick Disguised Pepper Spray.


Pepper Spray Lipstick/PerfumePepper Spray Lipstick/Perfume


Pepper Spray Lipstick/PerfumePepper Spray Lipstick/Perfume



3. Sabre Compact Pepper Spray In Key Case

The Sabre is one of several pepper spray devices you can hang on your key chain.  The Sabre, however, has a quick release from the key ring in case you are driving or opening your car door as you are attacked.  Another feature of the Sabre Compact Pepper Spray is that it has a very powerful stream which reduces blow-back of the spray.   The Sabre Pepper Spray In Key Case comes in pink and black; when you purchase the pink case, Sabre will make a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Sabre Compact Pepper Spray In Key CaseSabre Compact Pepper Spray In Key Case



4. Kubotan Red Rounded Keychain

Kubotans look innocuous, but are very powerful when gripped in the hand like an icepick and directed at sensitive areas of the body, especially pressure points, bones, and joints -- eyes and face are good too. Alternatively, it can be used in a punch grip to really add some punch. There are a variety of Kubotan's made from different materials and different shapes.  They were developed by Takayuki Kubota, a karate grand master, for female police officers of the LAPD, where he was a self-defense trainer.  The Kubotan Red Rounded Keychain is made of aluminum and, as its copy reads, 'there is no wrong strike.'


Kubotan Red Rounded KeychainKubotan Red Rounded Keychain


5. Cold Steel Sharkie Felt Pen

Is the pen mightier than the sword?  This Cold Steel Pen is meant to be.  One stab with this felt tip pen and your victim won't get just ink on his shirt.  The material inside the pen is a glass-reinforced Grivory (a trade name for PPA, High Performance Polyamide), which, according to Cold Steel, can bypass metal detectors. Just remember, it's for self defense, not really for writing, so if it's not the best felt tip marker you ever had, forgive it.


Cold Steel Sharkie Felt PenCold Steel Sharkie Felt Pen

Jul 22, 2010
by Anonymous

Not so sure about the Hat

This new impact material that is 100 percent the density of Iead! Yea but I cannot find out what it is anywhere.. I would not be surprised if this was not radioactive Du or something.