The Latest, Smartest, And Coolest Self Defense Gadgets For Women



6. Black Cat Self Defense Key Ring

A stainless steel Felix face with knuckle fitting eyes.  The Black Cat Self Defense Key Ring is deceptively cute.


Black Cat Self Defense Key RingBlack Cat Self Defense Key Ring


7. Energizer Panic Alarm & LED Flash Light Key Ring

Looking for your car on a dark street or parking lot, you should have a flash light with you anyway, but the Energizer (with its Bunny!) has a nice bright Nichia LED bulb that switches easily on and off.  Plus, of course, it has a panic alarm, and one should never underestimate the power of a 115 decibel alarm to frighten away potential attackers.  


Energizer Panic Alarm & LED Flash Light Key RingEnergizer Panic Alarm & LED Flash Light Key Ring



8. Fox Labs Flip Top Pepper Spray Fog

Just in case this extra strong pepper spray isn't enough to temporarily blind your assailant, this model of Fox Pepper Spray creates total fog around him, so even if he turns away, it will be hard to escape getting burned!  Make sure you get away fast though.


Fox Labs Pepper Spray FogFox Labs Pepper Spray Fog



9. Mace Screecher Personal Alarm

You guessed it:  Screeching Mace!  No reason why you can't have both.  With its pus-top activator, you get 20 short blasts of mace and a 125 decibel deafening screech!  Easy to use for women, kids, and elderly persons too.


Mace Screecher Personal AlarmMace Screecher Personal Alarm



10. Mace Triple Action Defense Spray - Pocket Model

Yikes!  Paint the guy!  The Mace Triple Action Defense Spray doesn't just spray tear gas, but pepper, and UV dye to color your attacker so he will be visually recognizable to officials and passers-by.  This is a small unit, containing 5, one-second bursts, but that's plenty for one emergency, and it fits comfortably in a woman's hand and it easy to deploy.


 Mace Triple Action Defense SprayMace Triple Action Defense Spray



11. Brutus Pit Bull Self Defense Keychain

Alas!  Here's your brute (us).  I just couldn't resist sharing him with you; after all, some are just dog people. But Brutus does perform like our Black Cat, above - just slide two fingers through the eye holes so that Brutus's ears are pointing outward from your fist -- but Brutus is made of strong ABS plastic.  Brutus comes in purple, pink, orange, yellow, blue, and brown. 


Brutus Pitbull Self Defense KeychainBrutus Pitbull Self Defense Keychain


There's a variety of self defense gadgets here and maybe you could feel comfortable with more than one of them.  They are not very expensive, especially considering what's at stake, so maybe you should consider protecting yourself with more than one of them.  Make sure that your state permits you to carry your choice of self protection, as some of them are illegal in some states.

Please don't think of using these against dogs.  There are products especially designed to protect yourself from dog attacks that are effective, yet humane.

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