Self Reparing Computer Data Centers

ImageImageWe all knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. Computers can now repair themselves. Well, at least large scale computers can. 

 After just 5 years of research and development under the technical direction of Mark Burgess (a professor of Network and System Administration at Oslo University College), the recently formed support company Cfengine AS released a major upgrade of the Open Source, self-repairing software cfengine based on its innovative Promise Theory technology.  Unlike would-be alternatives, cfengine is not about producing alarms and reports to notify about errors and misalignments in the Data Center which then require the human who is getting those alarms to get up and do something about the problem. The goal here is much more ambitious, they aim to make a fully self-repairing maintenance engine capable of fixing them without human intervention.

"With probably a million existing cfengine installations already worldwide, this major upgrade will have a big impact in improving data center operations at some of the largest data centers in the world", says CEO Thomas Ryd. 

"Cfengine 3 now integrates a knowledge engine based on ISO standard Topic Maps making it easier than ever to follow the strategic intentions behind data centers operations. Cfengine ties IT and business-processes together in a way many companies and compliance-auditors will find powerful and appealing", CEO Thomas Ryd continues. 

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