Self-Destruct Mobile Charm Keychain is The Bomb!

Just push the button...Just push the button...
The Self-destruct Button Mobile Charm or keychain is the latest product from the creative minds at Strapya World. Release your own stress by creating stress for others - how perfect is that?

This ingenious little device gives you the power to blow up the world... well, in a not serious, role-playing sort of way. I mean, you DO want the world to keep on spinning, just not spinning out of control like when you're stuck in traffic, a deadline is approaching, some dude is hassling you or all of the above at the same time. That's when you want - need - to reach out, lift the skull-emblazoned clear plastic shield, and press the oddly compelling red button. Now, doesn't that feel better?

Strapya's designers put a lot of thought into this scary-cute little device, and I don't mean just the red flashing LED or the urgent beeping that speeds up before the sonic explosion. Versatility is the word here: Strapya is nice enough to include a ball-type keychain along with the Japanese cellphone hanger strap so us poor, pitiable westerners can get in on the action movie style, blowing-things-up action. What's more, you can fasten the devilish device to any flat surface via the peel-off adhesive backing. Don't like Mom's cooking? Show her what you really think!

Using the self-destruct button mobile charm does demand a little forethought, of course, so this writer would not recommend packing it in your carry-on luggage next time you fly out to visit Aunt Minnie in Peoria. Unless, that is, you WANT to clear the airport terminal. Likewise, slapping on of these babies onto the plane's lavatory wall while 35,000 feet over Wyoming won't amuse your fellow passengers... or the nice people from Homeland Security who'll be there to meet you upon landing.

Explodes yourself to someone today!Explodes yourself to someone today!
Your very own "personal bomb" is available in your choice of black, green or clear plastic, comes neatly packaged in a distinctive bubble pack and costs just 1,260 yen (about $10) plus shipping from Strapya World. Seventy-two virgins not included.

See and hear three self-destruct button mobile charms in action! Bombs away!

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer