Selling Cellphones to the Gray Generation

NTT Docomo's Raku Raku Phone Basic SNTT Docomo's Raku Raku Phone Basic S


"Raku Raku" is a Japanese term that can be translated as "Easy Easy", and if that doesn't give you a clue to the way this new phone from NTT Docomo works, check out the rest of the name: Phone Basic S. There's also a Premium version of the Raku Raku but we'll focus on the Basic S as it's been specially designed to appeal to seniors.

No-nonsense cellphones even a nonagenarian can useNo-nonsense cellphones even a nonagenarian can use


NTT Docomo is one of Japan's largest mobile providers and competition is fierce in the country's demanding cellphone market. Not only are no existing marketing niches ignored; providers are also extending their product lines to cover new emerging markets - the biggest being that of Japan's rapidly growing gray generation.


You might think ¥28,560 (about $275) is kind of pricey for a cellphone with "Basic" in its name, but buyers in its target market will be getting exactly what they need: a phone that eschews the cutting edge technological capabilities in favor of making the fundamentals, well, more fun to use:

  • Bigger numbers on wider spaced keys
  • Voice activated address book
  • Situation specific mail templates
  • Built-in pedometer
Yes, a pedometer - the Raku Raku Phone Basic S is a mobile and so are their intended owners. NTT Docomo released the no-nonsense "old school" phone on May 22 and the main promo campaign is already ramping up... just in time for Father's Day