Send Peasants Soaring With the Catapult Madness iPod Game

What do you do when your kingdom is under siege by bloodthirsty trolls who want to take the princess away? Why, catapult peasants through the sky and send them hurtling off toward the trolls outside the palace, of course! Send peasant men and women and eventually the king soaring through the air in a kingdom's attempt to win the battle against the trolls in the Catapult Madness video game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Game

Catapult Madness starts with a short story on how the palace came to be overrun by trolls. It's up to you and the peasants to bring victory to your people by catapulting to a distance of 50,000 feet to escape the wrath of the trolls and presumably bring reinforcements in for the battle. (I'm assuming the trolls' camp only surrounds your kingdom by a radius of 50,000 feet, give or take.)

You start out with $500 which you can spend on buying upgrades from the Workshop and can only catapult a freckled peasant boy at the beginning. With a few taps, you determine the speed at which you're going to catapult the peasant and the angle through which you're going to send them flying. Your peasant will eventually get brought back down to earth by gravity and encounter troll camps, crates, bombs, and the trolls themselves. The farther the distance that your peasant covers and the more items he hits along the way, the more money he earns to buy more upgrades.

Upgrades include Bombs, Bubbly, Beans, a Glider, Magic, and tweaks for your catapult. Bombs are attached to the peasant's belt to give him an extra boost when he comes into contact with the trolls. Bubbly makes your peasants more bouncy and land more softly when they hit the ground so you can travel a few more hundred feet after the big drop. The Glider is just that: a Glider, which your peasant can take out to turn the speed and the drop back down to earth back a notch. Upgrades to the catapult makes the contraption throw the peasant farther out with more strength while Magic upgrades give your peasant an extra burst of speed and power in mid-flight. The most entertaining upgrade is the Beans, because it makes your peasant release a green-hued fart that will propel him to great heights.

The Good

Catapult Madness has only one and simple objective: reach a distance of 50,000 feet. This will seem like an extremely huge number at first but reaching it will eventually become easier once you manage to collect all the upgrades. You will get more into the game as your throws accomplish farther distances and you find yourself inching closer and closer to the 50,000-foot mark.

The Bad

There's not much you can do in this game except for controlling the speed and angle of the releases and equipping your peasant and upgrading the catapult to your heart's content. Once you catapult your peasant into the sky and eventually into outer space, you will find it a bit taxing to just watch him hit objects and bounce here and about before coming to a full stop because there's nothing to do but wait once you run out of upgrades to use.

The Verdict

Catapult Madness is a good game to relax to when you just want to sit back and play a game that doesn't require any heavy lifting on your part. The 50,000-foot mark is easy to reach once you get the hang of the game so the only real challenge to it is finding the patience to eventually get there.

Get the Catapult Madness video game for your iPhone or iPod Touch here: iTunes App Store.