Send A Postcarden And Give The Gift Of A Mini Garden Too


It is kind of nice to receive a card in the mail, for a fleeting moment anyways.  Before email, people would often send cards with a lengthy message in them, letting you know how they were doing and otherwise keeping you updated on their lives.  It was interesting and informative to read through these kinds of personal messages.  Nowadays, most people send cards because they feel obligated to do so because of some occasion.  They want you to know that they are thinking of you, but are often too busy to do more than sign the card and mail it out.  It is a nice sentiment, but almost not worth the effort and cost.



Now, instead of mailing a plain old card you can send the gift of a tiny garden too.  Postcarden greeting cards can be sent through the mail like a postcard, but when they are popped open, they transform into a miniature garden setting.  They include a package of watercress seeds which, when sprinkled inside the card along with a spoonful of water, soon grow into a flourishing little garden.



The cards are made of 100 percent recyclable paper and vegetable based inks.  They come in different scenes including city, holiday and botanical themes.  I think that they would be a particularly good idea to send to someone would lives in an apartment building.  Postcarden can be ordered here



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Nov 6, 2010
by Kim Patterson


Thank-you Gloria!  I agree.  Some of my friends and I have all but given up exchanging cards, but these would be different.  I'm glad you enjoyed the post.