Send Your Valentine Recycled Elephant Poop


The title is meant to catch your attention and maybe even make you smile, but seriously Uncommon Goods is selling an alternative eco-friendly solution to fresh cut flowers. So, this year instead of buying your loved one perfumed pesticide-filled roses, which by the way will die in a few days, consider these roses made with elephant poop.

Obviously these roses aren't real roses. Instead they are colorful decorative paper roses from The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company Limited TM, handmade in Thailand and sold at Uncommon Goods. Yes, they are made from poop, but don't worry, they are odorless and sanitary too.

If you would like to know how these flowers are made visit The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company Limited TM website. It's a fascinating process. Here you will also learn more about Elephants and have a chance to look at more of the company's poo poo products. For example, the company also makes, "picture frames, photo albums, book marks, small storage boxes for keepsakes, gift bags and wine bags in addition to the many styles of journals, noteboxes box, greeting cards etc." Just so you know, a portion of the profits from each item you buy is contributed to elephant welfare and conservation programs!

The roses are available in a: set of three (pink, yellow and red), six (pink, yellow and red) or one dozen (red). Buy a set of 3 for $15 or up to 12 for $48. According to reviews I've read the only complaint about these roses is their size. They come smaller than they appear, but if you know this in advance then it shouldn't be a problem.

So, the next time you think of all the eco-friendly alternatives for a Valentine's Day gift: organic flowers, fair trade chocolate, organic lingerie, put these poop flowers on your list. Don't be surprised if your loved one loves them. If they don't tell your loved one how buying them helped elephants as well as the environment. Your loved one may just grow to love the roses.

Via Great Green Goods and Uncommon Goods