Send Your Valentine The Right Message: Use These Business Services With Caution

Whether you possess the romance gene or not, it's important to send the right message to that special person this Valentine's Day. While some of the businesses discussed in this article are great concepts, they just might generate the wrong effect if you're not careful. If you insist on using their services anyways, proceed with caution and take note of the messages you may inadvertently be sending, changing the day from one of romance to one filled with obscenities.

10. Ticket to Mind is a business that makes gift giving easy, so easy that you don't have to step into a store or give your credit card a workout online. It's a Brazilian company focused on prepaid gift packages, so while you might successfully woo the object of your desire without having to put in any effort on Valentine's Day and beyond, she might not appreciate your lack of integrity, romance and creativity if she stumbles across a receipt for the service.

The message you might be sending: you're just not worth the effort.

9. Specialty Concierge Services like Itsabelly, Consider it Done and Precious Time help busy mommies, business people and students manage their responsibilities and stay on task by helping out with day-to-day tasks. These businesses services are never ending; they'll arrange dry cleaning pickup, food delivery, decorating services and more. While this may sound like a great gift idea for Valentine's Day, unless your spouse, partner or relative has indicated they could benefit from such a service, you might want to save your investment for a later date.











The message you might be sending: you're just not cutting it.

8. Free Promotional Materials are always a fun surprise when they show up in your mailbox, especially if they come in the form beyond the standard recyclables. I can't think of too many people that wouldn't like to see a promotional t-shirt provided by or a box of cool stuff from Matterbox. However, signing up a loved one in lieu of purchasing a Valentine's gift just might be a case of poor timing.
















The message you might be sending: I love my walking billboard, but you're not worth the money.

7. Complaint Services. has made a terrific contribution to resolving consumer affair complaints, and is a great forum to let the public provide their input about 2-sided disputes. Pointing a loved one towards these businesses services this Valentine's Day might be a helpful step, just be careful.












The message you might be sending: Stop whining to me and go complain to someone else.

6. Box Cycle is a terrific peer-to-peer service which allows people to buy and sell recycled boxes. It's both economically and environmentally friendly, and a lifesaver for anyone attempting to pack up and move. While there's no harm in pointing someone you love towards Box's Cycle's selling services this Valentine's Day, you might want to be careful of the message you're sending by pointing him or her towards the buying services.

The message you might be sending: Be prepared to pack your bags and get out.

5. Methodizaz specializes in capturing natural photographs by following people during their daily activities. While arranging to have Methodizaz provide a day long photography session for you and that special person could be a unique and memorable Valentine's gift, you might want to ensure your gift recipient is aware of your selfless intentions before the stalkerazzi services begin.










The message you might be sending: think PI investigations; I'm prying into your business and I just don't trust you.

4. Requiem for You could really help you provide a romantic gift to express your love this Valentine's Day, by creating a Laudation, a bibliographical music piece in honor of the person you love. However, beware when making your composition selections, as their namesake specialty, the Requiem is typically used to honor the dearly departed.








The message you might be sending: I just took out a hefty insurance policy on you...thanks!

3. Nagging Services like those provided by Weight Nags or Metaboinfo are humorous and interesting ways to keep people on top of their weight loss goals. Need I even tell you why this is a terrible gift idea for Valentine's Day?

The message you might be sending: it's time to get off your butt, fatso.

2. Ex Boyfriend Jewelry is a fun website that allows scorned girlfriends to sell the former tokens of affection from their exes while giving them the opportunity to vent. It should be obvious why it's an awful idea to recommend that your girlfriend use Ex Boyfriend jewelry to sell their accessories anytime, but especially with Valentine's Day looming.

The message you might be sending: It's a fine time to start clearing out all reminders of me.







1. Dollar Hot Dog's mail order wieners might just be a bad idea anytime of year, and while it might be a way to make the special person in your life smile, or pee their pants from laughter this Valentine's Day, you'd better hope he or she has a sense of humor and an iron stomach.









The message you might be sending: I'm not even sure, but there's no doubt it's the wrong one.

As if gift giving and grand gestures aren't bad enough, now you've also got to worry about the subliminal messages being sent by your actions during Valentine's Day. While most of these businesses offer interesting and unique services that will no doubt be successful, you probably want to steer clear of them this holiday if you aren't good at reading between the lines; because with your luck, the person you love will and Valentine's Day is meant to be about romance, not the other "R", revenge.

Jan 28, 2009
by Toby
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Ex-boyfriend jewelry?

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