Sense Helps You Sleep Smarter

We do not all sleep equally. If you find yourself waking up tired, even after a full night of sleep, then maybe it's time to figure out why. The Sense and accompanying Sleep Pill from Hello is your full solution to sleep monitoring. Simply set up the Sense in your bedroom and clip the Sleep Pill to your pillow to start full spectrum monitoring.


The combo works together with the Android and iOS app to give you better insights to almost all aspects of your sleep cycle. The Sense unit sets unobtrusively in your bedroom to monitor quite a few different factors that can affect your sleep. There are sensors for temperature, humidity, ambient light, and even a particulate sensor. The Sleep Pill monitors your movement throughout the night, so you know if you're tossing and turning, or if you're sleeping peacefully. Sense will then compile all of this information and show you what's going on through the app. It's also smart, so the more you use it, the better it monitors.

Sense AppSense App

Its newest feature, Sleep Sounds, gives the Sense the ability to play ambient sound through the unit.  Even when you're sleeping, your brain is registering sounds. Using ambient sound will help mask obtrusive sounds and help you sleep comfortably. Sense lets you choose from sounds such as white noise, rainfall, and fireside. If you already own a Sense, nothing is required of you, simply update the Sense app.

Using the Sense and Sleep Pill together will give you a better understanding of how you sleep. There is even a smart alarm that takes into account sleep cycles and uses the information it has gathered from your sleep to wake you up at the optimal time. Find out more about the Sense, Sleep Pill, and Sleep Sounds here.

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