Sense With Voice Releases, Adds New Functionality To Its Sleep Monitoring Abilities

Sense with Voice released today, bringing new functionality and features to the product. At its core, Sense has one main objective, to monitor your sleep habits to offer solutions for getting a better night's sleep. In conjunction with the Sleep Pill, which attaches to your pillow, Sense can monitor things like air quality and the Pill can figure out when you fell asleep, as well as how long you were in deep sleep.

With Sense with Voice, creators Hello went the extra mile to provide even more information and usefulness from their product. Starting with the sensors, they have added even more to provide an even more comprehensive look into external factors that may be affecting your sleep. The original unit monitored things like air quality, humidity, loud noises, and temperature. The new version includes all of those, but also includes monitors for UV light, CO2 levels, volatile organic compounds, and barometric pressure.

The new version also includes additional smart features that can be used with other smart home appliances to make sleeping and waking even better. You can connect Sense with the Nest Learning Thermostat and with Philips Hue Lighting. With Sense and Nest you can have the perfect temperature while sleeping and waking and can use Philips Hue to gradually light the room as you wake.

On to its namesake, Sense with Voice makes use of an array of microphones that use echo cancellation and beam-forming tech that allows you to simply say, "Okay Sense" to accomplish multiple tasks. You can ask the Sense to tell you how well you slept or to set a smart alarm. You can also inquire about the sleep conditions of your room and use voice to set your Nest and Philips Hue settings, as well.

Sense with Voice is available directly from their website, through Amazon (currently the original version is only available through Amazon, but will updated with new version in the coming week), or in store at Target and Best Buy.