The Sensor-1 Allows You To Put A Tripwire Anywhere

Typically, you're only going to find tripwires in spy movies, but MetaSensor Inc. is looking to give you what is essentially tripwire tech for your personal items. The Sensor-1 is a portable security system that monitors your items and alerts you if the item moves while you're away from it.

Using the included glue drops or 3M Command Strips, the Sensor-1 is 1" wide and can mount to almost anything. There will also be secure cases made available for even more options. The Sensor-1 uses three different mechanisms to monitor movement: a gyroscopic stabilizer, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer. These three sensors work in harmony to provide accurate location and position tracking. Using the Aletha Mobile app, you can set the sensitivity.

Sensor-1 with blue LEDsSensor-1 with blue LEDs

With the app, you can add multiple devices, name and then configure them separately, and control all of them within the app. In addition to setting the sensitivity, you can also modify LED patterns and brightness and adjust the volume of the alarm. You can even set it to arm based on your proximity and set up alerts in case you accidentally leave the Sensor-1 (or what it's attached to) behind.

With its open API, Sensor-1 users will have the ability to tie this item in with other smart items in an almost endless number of applications. Home security could see great benefits from using this in conjunction with other smart products. You could tie it in with a Bluetooth camera to record if your sensor is triggered or if your screen door is opened, use it to engage a smart lock.

Remove easily without residue thanks to the 3M tapeRemove easily without residue thanks to the 3M tape

The Sensor-1 is currently being funded on IndieGoGo and is already well on their way to making goal. It will be available on iOS and Apple Watch and made available to Android late 2016.