Sentimental Connections: Honoring Loss With Keepsake Ashes

When a loved one passes away, it's important to have something to remember them by. While many people, after cremation, keep their loved ones ashes on display in an urn a new trend is emerging with businesses like Sentimental Connections creating new ways to memorialize the important people we have lost.

While for some, Sentimental Connections methods may seem morbid, there are others who believe what they create is an improved way to memorialize someone who has passed away. After cremation, the bereaved can send their family member's ashes to Sentimental Connections to turn the memory into a sentimental trinket. Sentimental Connections displays the ashes in jewelry, like a gold or silver pendant and cuff links; in a clear photo frame with ashes surrounding a loved ones picture; or in a plaque that also boasts the dearly departed's engraved name and legacy.

Sentimental Connections guarantees that they use high quality control standards to ensure that the ashes sent in are the ones in fact used to make your keepsake, that way when you're not honoring someone else's great Uncle Charlie when you think it's your beloved grandmother's ashes contained in the keepsake. With braches in both the US and the UK, Sentimental Connections can create bereavement tokens for consumers around the world - and they even create keepsakes for pet loss!

What's your thought on bereavement businesses like Sentimental Connections? Are they winning business concepts, or should they (pardon the pun) drop dead?